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Cobra PowrFlo Air Intake System

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Stumbled across this baby today. Some of you Cobra exhaust guys might like this. It comes in black or chrome with a K&N filter. I'm personally going with the spike style so I wont be ordering, but curious on how this would really look. Anyone wanna jump first??? Just post some better pics with different angles.

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As mentioned in a few other posts, if you have both the pipes and intake installed you NEED to have a fuel kit as well. If I intake more than I can exhaust I may cause engine dmg. On the other hand I COULD put an exhaust on there by its self, with the small down side of more backfire and some popping sounds. No reason to intake what I cant push back out, and at the point I can Ill need to have the pro tuner anyway.
Maybe you're right:(

Can you give us some pics of the part anyway, just for the wait:)
Yeah can you post a picture of the front where the air would come in???
Yeah, I will as soon as I can get my hands on it. Bike is at the deal for (late) wear in tuning atm. If my pipes and Pro Tuner come in.....like yesterday, then itll already be installed when I pick it up. If not, I think they are gonna keep it on hand to install with the rest of the stuff. Either way Ill take a couple pics when I pick the bike up later today or tomorrow.
Dont have any pics of the intake yet, but for what its worth there are new photos in my gallery of the bike with the new passing lights on.
If possible, I'd really like to see the mounting hardware and the inside and back side of the air cleaner to get some idea of how well it will flow.
tis true....you do not want to put a big air intake and pipes on without
a fuel processor of some sort.
Well, the requested pics are in my gallery. But Ive no idea how to link them into a post. :-[
That looks awesome... No adapter needed correct?
Thanks for the pic's, they clear up my question about the " unique internal venturi design". Are there any more parts in the box it came in? There doesn't appear to be any venturi's; how unique is that?
No, there arent any other parts in the box. And most of whats in there is just the screws and seals to put it all together. I cant wait to get it all on the bike and see the difference that it makes. Hurry up cobra! I need the tuner and pipes!! 8)
Wanted to bump this back up and give others a heads up. Ill be installing this tomorrow and should have pics up by mid day to give you guys an idea what it looks like. Cant wait to get started on it! 8)
Great. Can't wait. I'll be tuned in all day waiting.
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