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Cobra Slip On Worth It?

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I've checked the threads for Cobra Slip On but the sound clips aren't clear enough.
Is this slip on really quiter than our drilled pipes ?
Don't want to make the cosmetic change if the sound isn't worth it .
Phoenix, Az
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Old post but read it today. You guys are killing me, i am ordering tomorrow.
I don't think I will be either from what I read. Besides I am tired of some of my friends that I ride with keep asking me if my bike is running because theirs are louder.
I ordered them now I can't wait till they get here so I can put it on. Are they here yet?
No not yet. I hate waiting... Wait a delivery truck is coming..... Not fair false alarm. Don't think it will be here until sometime next week. That is so fair away.
The hard part is the wait for them to arrive to be able to put them on. No Raul they are not here yet. But I am sitting by window waiting for UPS guy but won't be here tomorrow.
Well the bad news no delivery yesterday, but the good news is..... I didn't get any coal this morning. I will take that as a win for now.
I looked all over the house & Santa didn't leave my cobra exhaust. But on the bright side he didn't leave me any coal either.
Guess I need to ask someone at work what that means cuz I am lost.
Bad news is no delivery today (frigin UPS) but according to web site it is due to be delivered Monday. This waiting crap is going to drive me to drink......... More.
Yeah they are union here but really not their fault. For some reason it didn't ship until yesterday & scheduled for delivery Monday. So I will but on Monday night. At least that is the plan.
Miko do the packages have your address? Maybe they are yours. You might have a secret Santa
Yes I am very happy with it. Back of bike looks cleaner & u can see rear wheel better from both sides not to mention that great sound. Ask Brett he said he drools every time he hears it. Well I think he might have a drool problem he does wear a bib. Oops sorry Brett I forgot you asked me not at say anything. Just kidding bro,
1 - 17 of 131 Posts
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