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Cobra Slip On Worth It?

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I've checked the threads for Cobra Slip On but the sound clips aren't clear enough.
Is this slip on really quiter than our drilled pipes ?
Don't want to make the cosmetic change if the sound isn't worth it .
Phoenix, Az
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Mine was just delivered the other day. Will be installing this weekend. I will give an unbiased opinion then. I currently have the stock drilled with 4 x 1/2 inch and the baffle back plate cored out, and I'm still not happy with the sound.
Beautiful day so I blew off work and installed my slip-on. Off and on in under an hour.
Must say. love the new sound. It what the Stryker was meant to sound like. Best $240
I have spent on mine so far.
Phat has the best price on the black that I was able to find.
Zolemite, Did you rotate your muffler tip? How?
I'm sure that I'm being anal, but the only thing I do not like is that the button head screws to
hold the cover plate (which hides your connection to head pipes) is silver. Hardware store if
it bugs me too much. I did not bother to loosen the bolts on the bolts where the head pipes
meet the exhaust ports and it still slipped right on. For cost and ease of installation, the slip
on gets 2 thumbs up. I'm amazed that Yamaha wants over $900 for a factory replacement of
just the muffler section, and you can get a better product for around $200.
Zolemite said:
I think the slip on is totally worth it. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't heard it in person. Full exhaust would be great, but I don't want to spend $550+. Can't wait to ride again :)
Totally agree. There is nothing wrong with the existing head pipes. If you want better sound, and better performance from other mods this is the
best entry solution. Have the slip on, BBK, and Cobra FI tuner and it makes me happy. All that matters.
1 - 6 of 131 Posts
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