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Cobra Slip On Worth It?

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I've checked the threads for Cobra Slip On but the sound clips aren't clear enough.
Is this slip on really quiter than our drilled pipes ?
Don't want to make the cosmetic change if the sound isn't worth it .
Phoenix, Az
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The videos don't do it justice at all its alot louder then drilled pipes and very deep and throaty. After I installed mine and heard it unless you don't like the look of it which I love the look of mine you are waisting money on the full exhaust. I have noticed quite abit more power with the slip on over the drilled stock exhaust. You won't be disappointed at all. I smile every time I get on the gas :D
nope doesn't get annoying at a steady throttle its a nice low purr. But anytime you accelerate or decel it has the harly rumble
1 - 2 of 131 Posts
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