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Cobra Slip On Worth It?

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I've checked the threads for Cobra Slip On but the sound clips aren't clear enough.
Is this slip on really quiter than our drilled pipes ?
Don't want to make the cosmetic change if the sound isn't worth it .
Phoenix, Az
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Mine sounds awesome. My friend that I was riding with said he thought he popped his tire it was so loud. My plate rattled off. It is very nice when you're on the gas. I can't help but rev it at stops :) it does backfire on decel, but I kinda like that ;)
I'll make a video with my camera and tripod soon. Here are some pics:

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You can put the tip any way you'd like. Shop installed mine this way. I kinda like it because it's different. I can always change it. You'll like the sound. You can always buy a full exhaust for triple the money if you're not satisfied.
I got mine from powersport junkie for $205 shipped. There are set screws that hold on the tip.
I think the slip on is totally worth it. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't heard it in person. Full exhaust would be great, but I don't want to spend $550+. Can't wait to ride again :)
1 - 5 of 131 Posts
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