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Coil wires

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Just some FYI... I was riding to Hinshaws Motorsports today to pick up an oil filter for my STRYKER... I was pulling into the parking lot and my check engine light came on... bike started to bog down and lost almost all engine power... I stopped... it was idling real rough... the color was leaving my face... I just knew I lost a cylinder.... the service dept guy saw me fiddling around and noticed I had my seat off making sure I did not have a blown fuse... He asked if he could help... I told him what happened... he had me start it up... looked at me and said... "bet its your rear coil wire"... he checked it out and sure enough... coil wire came loose!!! WHEW!!! easy fix... back on the road!

He said he had a few STRYKERS come in with the same issue... always the coil wire......
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Maybe hard to see, but this pic shows my left side coil with the tank off. It's right above greenish connector by Water hoses. Picture can be zoomed in twice to see it better.


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I had to change those connections when I had my tank off and was installing tachometer. They were on, but your right AR- they could have used a little more pinch.
Hey 11, I've been trying to hook up a tach to my bike, the tach wiring says to hook up the green wire from it to the signal wire. I've been trying to use the Barons 2 into 1 adapter, but I'm getting no signal. My question is, Do I hook up to the black wire on the coil, or the other one that's at the top of the coil? Any feed back would be a big help
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