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coming from a shadow 750 to a stryker in the spring

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Hey guys give me your thoughts on a stryker. I'm going to sell my shadow chopper in the spring and buy a stryker or a raider. How you guys liking the stryker?
Here's my custom shadow 750 chopper

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Dude. Your bike is freaken sick. Why would you ever want to sell it? Keep it an get the stryker as your second ride. Just out of curiosity how much are you asking for the Shadow?
How much do you have invested in the Shadow? To me it would be worth more to you than the 8-9K. Just saying. ::)
Ever thought of just replacing the engine with something bigger. Not sure if it would fit. I'm definitely not a wrench.
Hey bacon. I too came from a marauder. Nice upgrade huh!
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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