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coming from a shadow 750 to a stryker in the spring

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Hey guys give me your thoughts on a stryker. I'm going to sell my shadow chopper in the spring and buy a stryker or a raider. How you guys liking the stryker?
Here's my custom shadow 750 chopper

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Wow.. That's bad ass! I ust went from a Suzuki Marauder 800 (which looked nothing like that) and I love the stryker. The Stock exaust sucks, but I've done 6 1/2 inch holes in the baffles and it sounds good enough till i finish the front and rear fender and get a 250 put on.
**** yeah Midlife, I loved the bike but it's been a little small for the last year or so. I kinda bought the stryker on a wim. I originally wanted the Raven, but when i got to the dealership they were out. So I got a free paint job in the deal. Unfortunatly now I can't decide on a color from the stock blue.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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