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Never had to add coolant to a bike, what kind of coolant do you vets use.
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XPS said:
the coolant would be the same that you put in a car no difference in the two.
Would the mixture be the same concentration?
WLFPAK65 said:
I think im about due for allot of things on my ride with over 5600mi
wow, nice... when did you start ridding this year? :eek:
MC said:
It was also recomended to me to use distilled water with the antifreeze for the 50/50 mix. It is supposed to help further prevent corosion and build up inside the cooling system. A friend of mine that has been working bikes for about 35 years is the one who told me about it so I took his word. Done this with both bikes I have owned and pretty satisfied.
distilled water is ok BUT... what your actually suposed to use is Deionized water, also known as demineralized water or DI water (its distilled water put through a chemical filter process). if you know anybody that works at a lab or chemical plant they can easily get some for you. if you dont, check water purification shops. this isnt esential but it is highly recomended.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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