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Cooling fan

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Got my stryker end of October. Honestly in 4 months I can't say I ever heard my fan come on once . Are they quiet?? Will I hear it ?? . I live in Florida but it has been a bit chilly . Nov dec Jan and Feb are the coolest months. Now that it's the middle of March, I'm just wondering how hot it has to be for it to come on ? . I'm a hard straight highway rider so I'm doing 75 mph on some long stretches. Also, will the fan run after the engine is turned off like some of my other bikes ?? Thanks guys for input. 馃槑
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The fan isn't very loud - I never hear it over the other normal bike sounds while I am riding. As others have said, the fan shuts off when all bike power is turned off. If it is hot out after a long ride, or I have ridden it hard, I will turn the ignition off but leave the key on for a bit to help cool the bike quicker
Water pump is mechanical, so just the fan moving air through the radiator
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