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Cooling fan

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Got my stryker end of October. Honestly in 4 months I can't say I ever heard my fan come on once . Are they quiet?? Will I hear it ?? . I live in Florida but it has been a bit chilly . Nov dec Jan and Feb are the coolest months. Now that it's the middle of March, I'm just wondering how hot it has to be for it to come on ? . I'm a hard straight highway rider so I'm doing 75 mph on some long stretches. Also, will the fan run after the engine is turned off like some of my other bikes ?? Thanks guys for input. 馃槑
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When youre riding your bike next, when youre about to park, turn the bike off, but leave it on accessories.

Thats the only time I hear mine, the bike is far to loud to notice it otherwise.
So you're saying that if I just shut it down that the fan won't run ?
At...+25鈦/77F after a hard run and some minutes around streets should be on when parked I think, It's a quiet one, easy to test bypassing the relay.
Summer will be here soon enough 馃槅. It will have a long long chance to engage 馃槅..
I'm in FL too. It'll be hot enough soon where the fan will run a good amount of time. You'll feel it blowing when stopped at red light. When you stop and turn it off you should hear the fan shut down.
What part of Florida you in ? . I moved to the Gainesville area 2 years ago. Bought a house up here. Was living in st. Pete before that.
I'm actually in Port Richey and work in Tampa. Rode to work today. Perfect weather.
One of my favorite rides is to cedar key. From Gainesville it's a straight shot. Used to go to the High octane before they closed down.
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