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Copper Stryker with Painted Hardbags

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Sorry to ask but I have looked for two days now and cannot find the thread that showed a Copper Stryker with Painted hardbags. I did find the two or three threads talking about the two different hardbags but was looking for the specific thread that had the Copper with them painted bags or if anyone knows who that Stryker belongs too I can maybe contact that user through PM. Thanks for your help.
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bekohlko said:
Thank you so much, Couldn't find that to save my life.
Stryker1 said:
Bozzly, they are the Hardstreet Slimbags. Made the brackets from scratch.
Thanks, is the bike lowered at all? And how much space is left between the bottom of bag and pipes? Also can a passenger still ride and use the passenger pegs?

sorry for the million questions, but realized I need storage on my bike and love what you have done.
Stryker1 said:
Yes it is lowered 2" - Barron . Little tight for passenger foot peg -suppose is ok for short trip, I did not to want eliminate the rear stock turn signals and rarely she would carry any passengers. Was close to stock exhaust by couple of inches and after installing cobra swepts there's plenty of room now, was a little tricky around the belt guard at 1st the spaced it out more. Did not like the looks of any of stock brackets out there, wanted the bags in closer with very little gap.
Thanks, I also have the swept. Did you try the easy brackets? Wonder if those would help or push them out like others.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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