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Cruise Control

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Haven't heard anything on this subject for a while. Anybody have a system on their Stryker? I've been looking at this style and was wondering if they were any good.
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szabla said:
It is called a 5cent cruise control. You put it in the same place as the vista cruise and others and it causes resistance the same as the $25-$75 throttle locks.
Since I took the picture, I add some electrical tape so it is easier to remove.
Where did you pick up this particular little o-ring with a tab on it?
Ah. If I opened my eyes I would have answered my own question

Ben-Rod said:
He put electrical tape on it so it would be easier to take off. This is why I put it on the other end of the grip. Its simple to roll in and out of the slot with one hand in a second...


szabla said:
... I add some electrical tape so it is easier to remove....
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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