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Alright, some of you know this story...well I had the story up and pretty much bashed
SEMINOLE POWEERSPORTS because they were incompetent and tried to rip me off.
Blaming my bike for being "heavily modified" they couldnt fix the bike and couldnt tune
it. They didnt listen to anything I had to say and totally dropped the ball.......long story
short, I paid the money to get my bike back and was totally uncertain of my next steps.

Well, this is what has transpired in the mean time......I called the service manager Ken
Ward, and he said to bring the bike in for a free hour of diagnosis.....well, I thought about
it then decided to call around. They charged me some ridiculous fees for unauthorized
work and given a little communication, this would have been avoided.....this is including
a rear brake job and R and R of my custom front fender, that they scratched and put on
wrong. I decided to cancel my check paid to them and try and figure the stalling problem
on our own.

We fixed the running and stalling problem, that they were supposed to fix, by spraying
Sea Foam into the throttle bodies, cleaned the spark plugs, and cleaned the vent lines
and fuel lines. Running fine still.........so, we were told by SEMINOLE POWERSPORTS that
my PCV wouldnt accept the custom MAP they tried to put in....this was another charge I
got pinned with. We called Power Commander to troubleshoot, something I asked SP if
they tried, and Power Commander spent ample time with us and found that the unit was
ok. Now on to the next step....

Finding another dyno tuner, I went to Motorcycle Clinic and spoke with them. I didnt like
the lines of his dynos, so we found Cycle Performance Center. He found a MAP in my PCV
for a bagger with Road Rage 3 step pipes and the bike was running rich, he got a base
MAP put in and it immediately leaned it out. Later on we discovered the problem with the
PCV unit as he found that the firmware needed upgrading and he was able to get a custom
MAP put in.....gear by gear and each cylinder......I ended up with 93hp and 121 ft lbs of torque

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Thats Super in the end Deja! Glad you finally got it fixed right. Sorry you had to go through so much to get there!!

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yes, for sure. I wrote the service manager and he is totally blowing
me off. I just wanted to bring all this to his attention so it wouldnt
happen to someone else and maybe the next person rolling up
wanting a dyno and their guy cant get a MAP to stick they may take
the time to check the firmware rather than leaving you hanging and
charging the poor person who just doesnt know any better.....like me

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Thank you for using the Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.
Your complaint has been assigned case # 90068180.
Correspondence regarding this complaint will be emailed to : [email protected]
Please print a copy of this for your records.

Filed on : May 9 2011

Filed by :
Dawn Kimbrough

Orlando FL 32835

Filed against :
Seminole PowerSports
1200 Rinehart Rd
Sanford FL 32771

Complaint Description:
I took my bike to Seminole Powersports to get it fixed and dyno tuned. I was told that they were waiting on a part for their dyno to come in and wasnt sure when it would come in. I told them that I didnt mind waiting because the bike wasnt running good and explained everything to them that was happening. I wanted the bike fixed. Finally, the dyno got fixed and we were ready to get my bike tuned. They ran into problems with getting the bike tuned and couldnt get a MAP to stick in my processor, no one called me to let me know this. I called around 2:30 to check progress and found this problem out myself. I asked if they had called the maker of the processor and they said NO.I called the maker and they were willing to help, still NO. Seminole couldnt really offer me any answers, so I call back to find out about picking the bike up. I get an outrageous bill for over 400.00, this included RandR of my front fender, which was not authorized,full price of the tuning, that I did not get, and a rear brake job that I told them, prior to dropping off the bike, that I had the pads and would take care of. They did not put my front fender on properly and scratched it, the bike was not fixed at all. I paid by check to get my bike back and later cancelled it. I later found out that my bike simply needed throttle body cleaning,and firmware update. The shop that I got to do the actual tuning was able to figure this out and only charged me what was quoted. He also did this tuning without front fender removal.

Your Desired Resolution:
Seminole Powersports has reported me to a credit recovery company for the money and I ask that they be a little bit reasonable with this experience and rethink these charges. I have spoke to Ken Ward and sent emails letting him know that the info I gave him may help with another customer coming in with the same problem. He is standing firm that these charges are reasonable, I am not. He offered a free hour of diagnosis for my trouble. I just wanted the bike fixed.

This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business 30 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the business has responded.

What would you like to do next?
View the status of your complaint
Return to the BBB Homepage BBB Privacy Policy

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here is the response.....I think these people are baffoons

Consumer Rebuttal to Business Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I would have to refer back to the details stated in the original complaint. Obviously Ken still isnt understanding the issues here. I am not happy with the offer of an hour of diagnosis when they couldnt fix the bike originally. Why would I take it back for the same treatment??? Another bill for over 400.00 and nothing fixed?? No, I dont think so. Yes, another shop did the work and FIXED the bike with NO unauthorized charges and did it for the QUOTED price.

05/18/2011 Forward Business response to Consumer CLT.cf.rtf
05/17/2011 Receive Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Ken Ward,Service Director
Contact Phone: 407-322-3253
Contact Email: [email protected]
Ms. Kimbrough did bring us her motorcycle for dyno tuning per RO 89152 dated 2/28/11. Her motorcycle arrived heavily modified and none of those modifications were performed by Seminole PowerSports, which is not in dispute. We did perform two (2) dyno tunes (at $250 each), were required to remove her front fender to place the motorcycle on the dyno, and did replace her rear brake pads. We were not asked, nor did we perform throttle body cleaning or a firmware update. Her total bill for Labor, Parts, and Tax was $402.31. Ms. Kimbrough subsequently posted her displeasure on a motorcycle forum and I responded. We finally agreed that I would provide a free hour of labor and that she would bring her motorcycle back to Seminole PowerSports to be tuned to her satisfaction. She ended up taking her bike to another shop to have the work performed. I was also unaware, until now, that she had stopped payment on her credit card. Despite not being given a chance to make things right, As a good faith effort, I am still willing to reduce her charges by the one hour ($85.00) which I originally promised.

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I wouldnt recomend going there for any servicing....I go to Orlando
Yamaha normally, but they dont have a dyno. This was the first and
last time I will ever go to them. They offered another dyno, but Id have
to pay the full price and if they couldnt get it to stick the other 2 times
what idiot would take it back for a third time?? The place I went to quoted
the 250.00 and said if it didnt take, they wouldnt charge me.

Well, he found that the firmware needed upgrading and tuned it for 250.00

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That's really cool, I live in apopka and do all my business at champions yamaha in oakland. Were having a big grand opening at Mercedes Benz of sanford tomorrow from 6-9 you more than welcome to stop by ! Wine and orderves and raffles. Maybe I'll see you there.

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cool, we were talking about taking a ride somewhere.....maybe we will go.
I know Edwin at Champions. He used to work at Orlando. He is a nice guy.
I havent dealt with them at all, but I have visited.
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