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Danny Gray Seat

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Well I finally got my bike down to danny gray. Took a bit considering I wrecked it the first try. But its down there now and there going to make there seats for it. Ill keep you posted on progress.

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Well there isnt much of a story. I live in northern california. Danny Gray is in southern california down in LA. Traffic got really crappy last time and in the mist of trying to figure out what exit to take when the freeway is going 10 different ways a truck decided to stop in front of me and I used his tailgate to stop me. It did 3300 dollars of damage to my bike and 1500 to his truck... Good new was my back was out till I hit the tailgate and it popped it back in. Felt great the rest of the weekend. Well I still wanted to get the bike to danny gray for you guys so you would have more seat options. (I already had it to corbin) Since the weather here was been so great. its usually 40 degrees and snowing where I am at but last weekend was 70 degrees and sunny. So I hoped on my bike for its first ride since getting it back and took it on a 300 mile ride down south.
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Nope, total bill was 3880 in damage to the bike 1500 in towing and another 1500 to the guys truck. I wound up only spending 2200 to fix the bike (parts at cost) and made some upgrades, I got rid of the scallops on the gas tank and L&M front fender. So I got to pocket a goo 1k which went to buying a new gun.
;D Ya I contemplated doing it again for exhaust. but the two months with out a bike sucked.
No word yet. Im assuming they will make a solo seat and they did ask for the factory back rest so Im assuming a two up seat also. Hopefully they will keep me updated with pictures and Ill update as I did with corbin.
dliszews said:
I contacted sales at Danny Gray about which models they were producing and here is the reply:

We are definitely in full swing of seat molds for the Yamaha Stryker

Seats that will be offered are the weekday 2upXL, buttcrack solo and probably the shorthop 2upXL
You already know more than me and they have my bike... ;D
I'll check with them and see if we can set a up group buy for seats. I'll have to wait till they have finished products. But Ill start a thread for group buy interest.
Just an update. Looks like dannygray doesnt like the factory backrest pad so there looking at making a replacement backrest pad for the factory backrest support.
I thought about that but there making there most popular seats and I think three or four of them so I think they got the bases covered as far as what seats to make.

And as far as pricing goes the honda fury and Raider buttcrack solo is only 272.95 for the standard seat. So I'd assume the stryker would follow. So its a fairly good priced solo option.
As soon as I know I'll post something. But I'm also trying to work out a group buy with them. Ill keep everyone posted
I havent heard anything in about two weeks. Ill send them and email and ask for an update tomorrow.
Bummed? why are you bummed... Ive been without a bike for almost a year now. between corbin then wrecking it and now danny gray... but soon the wait will be over.
dliszews said:
Yosemite said:
Bummed? why are you bummed... Ive been without a bike for almost a year now. between corbin then wrecking it and now danny gray... but soon the wait will be over.
You need a back up bike my friend 8)
Got one. My dad has a Road Star 1700. So im not going with out. Just miss my stryker.
Just an update. They got the 2up done and are working on the buttcrack solo now. They are not taking orders yet. So please dont call them and bug them. Ill let you know when there done and post pictures when I go pick it up and hopefully set up a group buy or something for you guys.
I havent heard anything new. But should be getting close.
Just a little update. There almost done. here's a little teaser picture

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Ya it is. It should be comfortable.
Im getting two more seats. and there going to do some inlay work on the seats also. Hopefully two more weeks and ill have my bike.
Luckily I have my dads Roadstar to ride. I cant really afford to buy seats so two/three months without my bike is worth it to me. Ill proboly sell one of the seats to pay for the exhaust I want. So its a win/win for me.
Well I pick my bike up next friday the 29th. I will post plenty of pictures and let you know how it does on the 400 mile trip home. Also while im down there I'm going to hit them up for a group buy for the forum members.
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