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Danny Gray Seat

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Well I finally got my bike down to danny gray. Took a bit considering I wrecked it the first try. But its down there now and there going to make there seats for it. Ill keep you posted on progress.

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I like the buttcrack solo seat.
Hey you could start a poll thread as for which seats people would want and then you could tell the what kind of interest they have in thier products. It sometimes comforts them when making new products that there are consumers wanting them. I'd be interested to know what kind of numbers we have so far. I know there has been a lot of interest int the butt crack seat.
Yosemite said:
So its a fairly good priced solo option.
Yeah. I'll get one if there is a group by or not.
Oh you don't know how many times i've wanted to bring this back up. :'( I have a hole through my lip i've bit it so many times.
Has there been any news on these seats?
I've been speaking with a guy on Facebook and he said the Butt Crack solo seats for the Stryker wil be available 08/01. He said they should have pictures up on thier website within the next two weeks. I'll be paying close attention to this.
That looks so good. I've been waiting all this time to order my seat. Now they are available and I can't order one because of saving my money for the trip to Maggie Valley. Oh well, i'll order one after I get back.
1 - 7 of 94 Posts
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