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Danny Gray Seat

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Well I finally got my bike down to danny gray. Took a bit considering I wrecked it the first try. But its down there now and there going to make there seats for it. Ill keep you posted on progress.

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skwerlee said:
Yosemite said:
Nope, total bill was 3880 in damage to the bike 1500 in towing and another 1500 to the guys truck. I wound up only spending 2200 to fix the bike (parts at cost) and made some upgrades, I got rid of the scallops on the gas tank and L&M front fender. So I got to pocket a goo 1k which went to buying a new gun.
upgrades plus a new gun?! **** man i need to wreck mine!
****, that's a lot. I spent 800 out of pocket and got a custom paint job, mirrors, wind shield, foot pegs, grips, and licenses plate holder.
Anyway we can find out if they will do a discount for members of this board?
iweldit said:
A new buttcrack is on my list of mods as well;/
Whats wrong with your current buttcrack?
Gonzo said:
Looks pretty nice Yosemite! If this Low and Mean Lowrider solo seat group buy doesnt wrap up real quick I might jump ship and order the solo buttcrack. Thinking of taking a ride to your neck of the woods Monday, around mid to late afternoon...

Already took the supports off. I used black plugs from Lowe's to fill the holes, I'm sure it looks better with a black fender, but with my copper I am on the hunt for a near exact match color in a spray can to make the plugs not as noticeable.
What did you use for plugs?
1 - 4 of 94 Posts
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