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Danny Gray Seat

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Well I finally got my bike down to danny gray. Took a bit considering I wrecked it the first try. But its down there now and there going to make there seats for it. Ill keep you posted on progress.

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Has there been any news on these seats?
I havent heard anything new. But should be getting close.
Just a little update. There almost done. here's a little teaser picture

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Dude that's a huge passenger seat. They'll be able to see over the car in front of you.
Ya it is. It should be comfortable.
Yes, it looks very comfy.
wow Yosemite, how much longer they gonna have your bike? I hope you're getting some cool free stuff for your troubles.
Im getting two more seats. and there going to do some inlay work on the seats also. Hopefully two more weeks and ill have my bike.
great, i can't imagine being without my bike that long
Luckily I have my dads Roadstar to ride. I cant really afford to buy seats so two/three months without my bike is worth it to me. Ill proboly sell one of the seats to pay for the exhaust I want. So its a win/win for me.
Well I pick my bike up next friday the 29th. I will post plenty of pictures and let you know how it does on the 400 mile trip home. Also while im down there I'm going to hit them up for a group buy for the forum members.
Nice Yosemite!
So how was the ride with the DG seat?
Gonzo said:
So how was the ride with the DG seat?
Gonzo. Well since that was your first post. Welcome to the forum. You need to post in the introduction section. And now that you dimed me out that I'm home with the DG seat since your the only one who knew I was home on here. LOL. I'll just say its a great seat. I only have the 2 up seat as the solo is getting some custom work done to it. I'll post pics as soon as I have it but it will be sick. The two up is a great seat. I have a boney ass and I was able to go 3+ hours in traffic before needing a break which is good for me. It's a bit softer than the Corbin seat. I consider it a intermediate seat great for those 2 to 4 hour rides. Where the Corbin is great on the 6+ hour the only reason is its a bit wider in the passenger seat area and heated. I'll post a better review on it after a bit more miles. Here's a pic of it and I'll post some more tomorrow. And gonzo. Bring that new Stryker over and lets get some miles on her.

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Oww and just so you all know. I'm a volunteer firefighter. And Danny Gray hand did this inlay on this seat. I'll post better pictures tomorrow
Hey I just started to follow this thread and it all sounds great. So now that you have my attention and my wife is looking for a more comfortable seat and seeing that it looks like this should have a little more lower back support, I am now reaching for my wallet. That brings me to the main question.. does anyone have any idea as to when they are planning on putting the 2-up daytrip seat into production? their prices for other models seem very fair and it looks like there is plenty of padding on the seats too.
I just emailed DG and asked when they would be available for order and if a group buy could happen. I will let you know when I get an answer.
LoL. Technically you did post previously that you would collect on June 29th. I just figured you'd be cruising home same day. Unless of course the seat was so comfortable you would have just kept on riding till the gas money ran out. :)

Copy on the intro post, I had trouble with the avatar download so I postponed the intro.

As far as the seat. That looks SICK!!! I literally sat back in my chair and was speechless when I saw the inlay, awesome.

Cant wait to see the solo..definitely keep me posted on a group buy 8)
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