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Danny Gray Seat

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Well I finally got my bike down to danny gray. Took a bit considering I wrecked it the first try. But its down there now and there going to make there seats for it. Ill keep you posted on progress.

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So this question to you comes from the wonderful life of being married to my wife. is that small "ridge" noticeable at all? she was concerned because she had an accident a while back that did something to her tail bone I guess and its sensitive to stuff like that..... I personally didn't think it would really be an issue at all, but I figured I'd just be a good husband and ask about it.
looks real confortable Yosemite and thanks again for making the sacrifice for us. Gotta question, compared to stock how is the seating position? Lower, forward, etc....?
Gonzo, Come on over and try it out. I think she will like it. I also have the corbin touring seat that you can try too.

As far as riding position I think its about the same as stock if not a bit lower and forward a bit. But I haven't been on the stock seat or even my bike in so long I'm not sure. I'll throw on the stock seat and find out.
I'll see about riding over to check out the seats. Murphy's Law of course, I'm dying to go out and ride but work, studying for my state board exam on the 20th, and filling out my taskbook to promote to Fire lieutenant has got me booked solid for the next week and a half! I love the pic of the solo version, it'll likely be my next upgrade.

Question is: Do I want an inlay/stitchwork? If so, what? Fire emblem is taken (pretty **** envious) :D
Gonzo said:
Question is: Do I want an inlay/stitchwork? If so, what? Fire emblem is taken (pretty **** envious) :D
The inlay doesnt seem to change the feel of the seat any. So its up to you. They have lots of options on their site. BTW the fire emblem was a one off production run. They didnt have it for an option and did it by hand. You may be able to ask for it but they said they have never done it before.
I've been speaking with a guy on Facebook and he said the Butt Crack solo seats for the Stryker wil be available 08/01. He said they should have pictures up on thier website within the next two weeks. I'll be paying close attention to this.
I've posted these else where but figured I'd post them here. He is the butt crack solo and the weekday 2upXL the two seats there making for the bike. They are taking orders now but wont ship till mid to late July.

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Do ya know if that 2 up will come with a backrest option? Great looking seats
StrykenShane said:
Do ya know if that 2 up will come with a backrest option? Great looking seats
From my understanding. No it will not. But with a passenger on the back you really don't need a back rest.
Fire inlay one off is all your's buddy, it came out nice. I think I'm gonna choose one of the stitch work options that I saw on their site. I saw one that matches the ice flame on the tank pretty close. I think I'll have it in the same snake skin patern as yours but in grey. Was gonna try to ride over today at 1400 but the wife had to run into town and I hung out with the kiddos. i'll keep tryin bro.
Looks like its gonna be a nice seat
Its up on their site.


Buttcrack solo is 281.14

Weekday 2up XL is 432.55
Did they happen to mention about if they may ever offer it in their Airhawk version with the inflatable/deflatable air bladder for changing the cushioning?

Also, new to the motorcycle world and never heard of these guys, but is the general consensus that these guys are even better than Mustang seats?
Not sure on the airhawk option. but I will ask.

I dont know much about mustang seats. but I'd put DG up with corbin. based on product quality and feel.
Yosemite said:
I'd put DG up with corbin. based on product quality and feel.
How about ride length? I know you have both, so you can give the best input... Have you done any long rides on either seat yet? Also do you have any input on passenger comfort?
Well the DG 2xl I put around 400 miles and about 7 hours on when I first picked it up. I was easily able to go a full tank distance right about when my ass started getting numb it was time to fill up and the 5 min stretch, get something to drink break was enough to be ready to go again. My tail bone did hurt after it but thats my issue of having a bony ass. I'd say its great for those long weekday/Two day weekend trips.

I have not got the DG solo yet it should be in the mail here soon.

Now the corbin. If you dont like a firm seat this isnt for you. They are stiff and they do say dont judge them till broken in. Now the weird part for how stiff they are I find them very comfortable. After about an hour of riding it molds to your ass and your good to go. The corbin does offer the back rest on both seats which is a nice feature on the 2up. I dont feel its needed on the gunfighter since that seat already gives good back supports when I put my back rest on that seat it hits me about my shoulder blades.

Passanger Comfort: The DG 2xl my girl has not ridden it with the stock backrest yet but without a back rest we took the bike out for a quick 45 min ride down a windy grade for a quick spin and try out to the lake. Now when I say windy its 10mph switch backs that I like to drag peg on. She said the way her ass sank into the seat was great she didn't feel like she was going to slip off the back. Now my mom got on that seat when I let my dad try it out and she said it was to small for her ass.

The Corbin 2up touring seat has a much bigger seating area for the passanger and is more than likely more comfortable on the longer rides. Its also heated which is a nice feature to help the NAS (Numb Ass Syndrome) but I have yet to do a longer 2up ride yet.

For what its worth I'm probably going to sell the Corbin Gun Fighter and Solo seat and just keep the other three and that will fit all my needs of the bike. And the Gun Fighter was the only one that doesn't have a personalized cover on it.
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For you guys that wanted to know about Airhawk DG seats

We can custom add Airhawk to any seat

$175 for the driver
$125 for the passenger

Adding Airhawk does require a stitch pattern on the seat as well

$45 for the stitch

Thx Jeremy
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Heres the solo seat on my bike. So far Ive only put about a mile on it. I got it yesterday but it looked like it was going to start raining so I just did a short trip. But its one of the most comfortable seats. It doesnt go up the back very far about the top of my tail bone. But it just feels good. It felt like I could do an all day trip on it. Tonight I may take it out depending on weather and see how it is on the open road. Theres also a add on pillion that just uses suction cups and the back rest kind of holds it on. but I dont have that.
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That solo looks great... I think if I were to get this the fake supports would have to be removed. Not a big fan that you can see the front notch and plastic plug. Just shows it's FAKE too much.. :)

But love the seat. As you get more ass in the seat, will the back of it rest better on the fender? Or is it raised off fender for a reason?

I think I have a new seat in mind now :) just a matter of going AirHawked, or standard.. :)

Great Job

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