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More than 4 months have passed since I bought my stryker. So now, I dare to compare... stryker vs. Vrod
That's a big challenge. Certainly worthy of a head shake. Now , I know many say that the stryker is a great first bike. Mine however has had a "few" modifications. Is this to say it's faster than yours??? - maybe..... hear me out .
In 11 short years of riding I've owned 12 bikes. This one is the quickest off the line... Will it outrace my Honda Magna?? Dunno ... will it jump out ahead of my Vrods?? ( had two ) ... yup . I didn't do any upgrades myself so I'm not taking any credit for that , but I do know how fast this bike is . My Vrods got 25 mpg on premium 93 unleaded gas . The stryker is getting between 42 and 48 mpg and that's on regular gas. Comfy ?? Yup ... easy to work on?? Yup . Same 240 rear tire??? Yup 馃槅 馃ぃ 馃槀.
And why am I laughing?? I paid harley 150 bucks to change the rear tire on my vrod . - the tire was 300 bucks + 150 ... and let's not get into oil changes etc.
I know I don't have to convince any of you guys, but for the occasional viewer who asks -- how do you like the stryker??? Well go figure... by the way , my last new bike I bought was a 2020 triumph rocket 3 ... and... this bike can still beat it off the line ... no , it won't run with it past 115 mph but ... off the line this bike has it . 馃槑
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I always liked the looks and power of the V-rod but the ride position just never felt quite for me. Twice I almost bought one, but test rides changed my mind both times. Like you said, the Stryker does have a lot to offer in comfort and performance 馃嵒
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That was a fun read, thanks for posting it. I'm a little surprised they didn't include a Suzuki 109 in the test, either the M or the C model would have been more competitive than most of those bikes listed.
Ahh, the perfect custom/ cruiser/ whatever..., I don't think I could merge all in only one bike, would need two! : an oldschool chop like my modded ancient intruder 1.4 and a more actual other V2; years ago I tried to do a prostreet one with a mighty Suzi SV1000 motor -same specs of vrod in a more compact package- but wasn't possible due to legal regulation..., ah! and the third with any last gen Honda's V4:LOL::ROFLMAO:. Anyway happy with the Stryker.
Agree, it would be almost impossible to find a bike that meets all my wants and needs. Even if I built one, I have a habit of getting bored so my "perfect" bike would still have to evolve. Every bike I've ever had was the right one at the time, for whatever reason. I always liked those old Intruders from the 80's - Good power from a small bike, and cool cruiser looks to boot!
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