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Decisions on Year

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Ok...I realize the bikes are the same and all, but just sitting here thinking I'm due to pickup my stryker this week but started thinking about how late in the year it is and just would like to hear some opinions on should I just have them order me in a 2012 model. Seeing how there is no difference, that rules things out...and givin the fact I tend to never get rid of a bike, I don't think its much of a factor...I did see they were going up just a tick in price, but that's not enough to care about...so I think I know my decision that it does not matter, but I am curious to what others think..so have at it.
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I've seen used ones a few not many around yet...going into the lower 8's...but dealers...don't think so...well except for the dealers that put the rest back on the backside of the deal....I think my connections have things pretty straight. Dollar wise the bike is roughly 9k invoice price..outside of special case deals...in december there will be a lot more incentive to move the rest of the 11's.

anyway just kind of curious what people thought.

clar2001 said:
I sat on a 2010 raven on the dealers floor today with a price tag of $11090 and there was a blue one that just sold.
I dident realize how much mine changed until I saw the stocker again.
Going backwards in time will not make anything better...ha the butterfly effect and all.
Well mine came home today, I stayed with the 11...I don't care about resale...I keep em. In the end for me anyway it made no sense to wait, have a good solid contact with a long history..so I knew what I was going to do...but you know in the back of your head you think to yourself...first year model and all...but its a non issue...I love the bike, sure there are things that could be different, but overall for what's on the market, this bike will remain with me for a long time...my other's are 2005 and 1985..so you get the idea.
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