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Deeper Comparison

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My first post. Love the forum. I have been looking forward to buying a Stryker for months now. But I came across a Raider at a great price. But after plenty of research, I am actually very lost as to how or why a Raider is a better bike than the Stryker. It seems like the bigger engine only makes the bike an unoticeable bit faster than the Stryker; based on the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times I have found. Clearly it has more torque and HP but why are the numbers almost identical. I ask because on paper the bigger engine doesn't seem to equal better performance.

I am interested to know what I am obviously missing. My intentions are to ride with a passenger at times and on long trips. I like the looks of both bikes equally. So performance and comfort are the deciding factor here. But I am not seeing a difference in performance or comfort that justifies the extra cash. Any input would be appreciated.
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While that is definitely a good write-up from Yammyboy, I happen to be on the other end of the spectrum. A couple of months ago, I was able to take a Raider on an extended test ride. I dropped my bike off at my dealer for an annual service, and they gave me a Raider as an overnight loaner. Don't get me wrong, I definitely love my Stryker, but while I had the Raider I did some extensive "research" on it :biggrin1:. Here's what I found:

For a bigger guy like myself (6'4" 290lbs), the Raider is a better choice.
-It has a more comfortable riding position with a longer reach to the bars and foot pegs.
-It has better low end torque to get up and go (especially riding 2-up). Keep in mind that is just how it felt to me.
-My opinion is that it corners just as good as the Stryker (this coming from someone who is almost through the stock footpegs).
-Both bikes obviously look great, but the Raider doesn't have as much plastic, and like Yammyboy said the engine looks way cooler.

I've also never been a speed demon, so the quick bottom end felt better to me.
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