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Deeper Comparison

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My first post. Love the forum. I have been looking forward to buying a Stryker for months now. But I came across a Raider at a great price. But after plenty of research, I am actually very lost as to how or why a Raider is a better bike than the Stryker. It seems like the bigger engine only makes the bike an unoticeable bit faster than the Stryker; based on the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times I have found. Clearly it has more torque and HP but why are the numbers almost identical. I ask because on paper the bigger engine doesn't seem to equal better performance.

I am interested to know what I am obviously missing. My intentions are to ride with a passenger at times and on long trips. I like the looks of both bikes equally. So performance and comfort are the deciding factor here. But I am not seeing a difference in performance or comfort that justifies the extra cash. Any input would be appreciated.
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Stryker 67 hp and 80 torque
Raider 80 hp and 104 torque
When you are talking about a light motorcycle pretty big difference especially the torque. Then add the mods make even more. May not look like a lot but when ya twist the throttle it is different. Worth the extra money I didn't think so so bought the stryker but sometimes do I want something bigger yes. I say sit on both ride both if u can and decide if ya will enjoy the stryker for years to come. Hope this helped

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Again their are only the times I wanna play that would take. But 6'4 240 and wife on the bike with gear prolly around 400 to 450 5 hour trip to Florida no complaints on hauling that. Other than my wife who is pretty tall also and wants to be stretched out more and her booty hurts. Fixed one problem need to fix the seat. Insurance is another big deal that I didn't think of earlier a lot different pricing on that. Does it have enough yes it does. Would I like more when I wanna play sometimes but don't think it is worth it all. Now that I think of insurance and all love my stryker so.

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