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Deeper Comparison

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My first post. Love the forum. I have been looking forward to buying a Stryker for months now. But I came across a Raider at a great price. But after plenty of research, I am actually very lost as to how or why a Raider is a better bike than the Stryker. It seems like the bigger engine only makes the bike an unoticeable bit faster than the Stryker; based on the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times I have found. Clearly it has more torque and HP but why are the numbers almost identical. I ask because on paper the bigger engine doesn't seem to equal better performance.

I am interested to know what I am obviously missing. My intentions are to ride with a passenger at times and on long trips. I like the looks of both bikes equally. So performance and comfort are the deciding factor here. But I am not seeing a difference in performance or comfort that justifies the extra cash. Any input would be appreciated.
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I ride mine on a trip to the coast and back home about every other weekend, 550 miles round trip and I LOVE it.
I will be adding a Corbin seat but that's just me.
With a Corbin I can see making that round trip in a day easy.
I don't tire of the bike but my azz does.

My wife loves to go on short trips, less than an hour, less than 40 miles with a stop to enjoy the view.
I ask her about the back seat and she really has no issue with it for that length of a ride but does wish we had a backrest so she'd feel more secure.

Personally, I prefer the tighter tolerances that can be maintained with a liquid cooled motor over an air cooled any day.
Plus the thought of all that heat coming off the motor in stop and go traffic doesn't thrill me too much.
I love how nimble the bike feels around town too.
I'm 5'11" and the bike suits me perfectly WITH a few modifications. :nod:
They can't leak antifreeze.
No radiator repairs.

That's about all I can come up with...
We got roller rockers?
How friggin cool is that!!!:nod:
1 - 3 of 80 Posts
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