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DFW to Mena, AR day-ride Sat 9/15

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Some coworkers/friends and I are planning a day ride from the DFW area up to Mena, Arkansas and back on Saturday September 15th. The round trip is around 500 miles so it'll be a 12-13 hour day. I’ve provided a link that shows the route we’re planning to take...the guys that have done this ride before say this route will take us through some pretty country. Let me know if any of you guys are interested in joining us for an awesome day ride. I'd love for us Stryker riders to represent! I’ll provide more details as things come together.

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Awesome man sounds good. I know of 3 really cool DPD officers that will be joining us. We may have a couple of the DPD motor-jocks riding with us too.
Kevhill85 said:
I am in.. I know a few that might ride with us
well the ride has been canceled do to weather
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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