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Different direction for my Raven

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I decided to go a little different route with my Raven than most. I've decided to do some chroming instead of blacking more stuff out. Here's a few pics of how it sits today. I bought chromed Stryker rims, chrome rear hub and pulley, chrome intake cover from an earlier 1300 and put on chrome rear fender struts. I've installed the 240 and I've put on the PCS lowering kit. Just lowered it 1" for now.


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That looks great!! 8) .... Now just for a set of chrome Vance in Hines 2 into 2 or chrome Cobra swepts ;)
Wow, that Stryker just got a whole lot better looking all of a sudden ....... hahaaa ;)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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