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Different style exhausts?

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I'm looking into getting a Stryker very soon here but it seems the exhaust styles are quite limited for the Stryker. I did a search but didn't find much. I was wondering if someone out there makes a groundpounder type of exhaust for the Stryker?

Styles like these: http://www.pacificcoaststar.com/pcs/v_star_1100_curburner.htm

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You should check out MikeStryk3r, he just posted his custom exhaust - way cool. Wyntress spoke to a sales rep who said the Curburner would be made for the Stryker "supposedly" by spring. :noidea: Still waiting...

check out his pics...looks real nice! Pretty much just what your looking for. If you have a custom exhaust place around you - or know someone who does it as a hobby, you can pretty much do what you want.
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