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Difficulty getting into Neutral all the time

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The bike has 700 miles on it and every time I'm coasting to a stop I would downshift from 3rd to 2nd and try to lightly depress the shifter into neutral but when I do it too light it grinds a little, when I do it a tad harder it drops into first. From experience, do you have to break it in more or what? Also when at a stop and trying to get it from first to neutral it would go into second then it would go to neutral. Thanks.
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Coming to a stop I'm always in 1st so cannot comment on the downshift to neutral. I'm either just stopping temporarily for a stop sign or coming up to traffic and if necessary want to be able to move quickly. Once all the cars are there and we are at the light I shift to neutral if possible to relax my clutch hand.
Finding neutral on this bike isn't hard but on occasion it can be temperamental like all bikes. No "neutral assist" or anything like that on this bike. If you skip neutral almost all the time you either you have a heavy foot/big boot/something else or there is something mechanically wrong with the bike. Call the dealership and ask them if they can take it for a test ride and look things over.
As always, hope it is minor so no riding time gets wasted.
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