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Difficulty getting into Neutral all the time

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The bike has 700 miles on it and every time I'm coasting to a stop I would downshift from 3rd to 2nd and try to lightly depress the shifter into neutral but when I do it too light it grinds a little, when I do it a tad harder it drops into first. From experience, do you have to break it in more or what? Also when at a stop and trying to get it from first to neutral it would go into second then it would go to neutral. Thanks.
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Mine does it with the neutral to first. Consistent banging. Grinding and banging whenever i approach traffic lights. Dealer said nothing was wrong. I was on the phone with Yamaha engineers. Claimed it shouldn't do that. So I brought it back to dealer. They adjusted the clutch handle slack adjuster right in front of me. Claims to be within factory specs. Gave it another try But now my clutch handle grabs way far out. Still does it. 600 miles on it. At thoughts ?
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