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Disappointed with Stryker

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Well I have had this bike for over a month now and had a chance to put in some long miles over the weekend. The bike looks great and turns heads but thats about it. The MPG has not been good (may improve after service). Riding over 75 mph is simply not cool due to the wind. The engine is lacking overall in the area of power and smoothness. This bike is good for cruising around town for me but I need something that can offer more. Therefore, this Stryker will be going up for sale in the near future.
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Thanks Frag. I have the Cobra AT installed already. Honestly, coming from a bike like the BMW RT, I have been spoiled. Its my doing and not the bike.
SillyFingaz said:
Hmmmmm... Something's wrong.... I'm coming from almost a decade of mostly sportbikes and a few cruisers. Out of all the cruisers I've owned, this thing takes off like a bat outta **** especially after I adjusted the throttle immensely! As far as speed, My everyday ride to work at 1am averages between 85 and 105 mph and it runs smooth as ****! I don't want the windshield, I just wear a full face. Homnestly... either something's up with your bike or I got lucky because everything from take off to cruisin' at high speeds is perfect for a cruiser. I've owned 2 ZX10R's, 1 Hyabusa, 1 R1, 2 600RR's and 1 636..all of which can go from 0 to 100 in seconds so I'm very familiar with the feel and torque of the machine. This ain't a rocket but it's got one helluva kick for a cruiser. My friend who owns a Kawi Mean streak(1500CC's) and quite a few HD owners with much bigger engines were blown away when we all took off from a stop! Again, Something's seriously not right on your end. As far as gas mileage, I do 60 hard miles a day to and from work and put 87 in it and it's only costing me 5 bucks a day! AWESOME compared to my 4 cylinder Sport Bikes which I HAD to use 93 octane and burned gas like a mutha, I was putting 9-10 bucks a day for the same distance!

Thanks Silly, you are right....something is seriously wrong here......ME.
Wow, you must have got a dud... Either that or you thought you should get a corvette for the price of a cobalt...
Thanks KCL, I have a dud and I am a dud. Yep, my expectations were too high for this bike.
Thanks Good. I appreciate your advice.
Thanks Shane. Yep, should have tried the Raider but oh well. No need to dwell on this right? Blessed to even have or ride a bike so I will keep it through the summer and make a decision. Peace!
Very cool Silly. Good to have options right?
richard3 said:
Its all good, you will find the right bike, this is only my second cruiser, and going from the vulcan 900 to this I am in heaven, I never want to get off, good luck with your search and stop beating yourself up...... Hey your riding !
Rich, thanks. I am not beating myself up just diffusing some hostile responses from the others with my verbal judo....LOL. Like you said, I am riding!
thanks for the feedback all. Grey, you are so right man. This is why I am picking up my Ducati Monster Evo today! Should be fun. I think a windshield for the long rides would really help this cruiser. My Cobra air intake is arriving today so that should help with the power a bit. At the end of the day, this thing is a joy to look at everytime and rides well.
SillyFingaz said:
I'm sorry... I keep hearing peeps complain about the power? Wait a minute.. it's a 1300CC V-Twin... What type of power are you all expecting? I think it's got great power for only a 1300. Again don't come close to my Sport bikes but I just don't understand the complaints about the power? It's perfect for a 1300CC! Get a bigger engine or a sport bike if you're looking for more. I curious as to what the star owners of the 650's, 950's and 1100's would say about the power of this bike. You bought a 1300 and you're getting the power of a 1300!
thanks Silly, its a matter of perspective right? I think its ok to have different opinion on things. Chill bro.
Silly, I hear you man and **** you have had some cool rides!

Dead, you are right, this is way better than an HD Sportster for sure. Didnt mean to stir the pot when I posted this but was merely expressing my feelings after a long weekend of riding my bike. With that said, it is still a good bike and fun to ride. My Cobra air intake arrived today so perhaps that will pep it up a bit for me. Thank you all for your input on this and hearing your perspectives really helps! Keep in mind, this is a forum and not a cult so we can agree to disagree as long as Silly is right at the end........LOL.
Thanks Clar. I think the lack of windshield at high speeds in the cold jacked me up a bit. Happy that you are enjoying it.
Ok maybe I should not have started this topic and perhaps spoke out of line when I was tired. I installed the Cobra air intake today and it has brought some zip to the bike. The Power Commander is working well with this intake and the power and smoothness of the engine is very obvious. The install was simple due to the great instructions provided by Cobra. The unit and parts are well made for sure.

I love the new look and the new feel of the bike. Sorry for stirring things up guys!
SillyFingaz said:
For that, you have to treat each and every one that posted on this thread to a Lobster dinner! :mad:
yes sir!
Thanks Dlis. I have owned a few bikes in my life so I totally understand what you are saying. The Stryker is a cruiser and performs very well as one. I have to compare apples with apples. With the Auto tune and the air intake, I am a happy camper. A quick release Blvd. windshield will seal the deal on this bike.
SK, the Cobra parts will make a big difference....trust me. I started this thread and have come 180 after installing my air intake. The Stryker is a cruiser so have to keep that in mind but it rides strong and smooth.
megabuddys said:
This thread stinks. If your not in love, your not in love, we get it. I understand it. maybe bored?

I have a 750hp car, my bike is a turd in reality.

I know when I cruise down the road in this Stryker, people Look, gawk, stare, etc. and Nothing else matters; because they are just JEALOUS :) I get soo many compliments and questions that I just cant think of anything not to appreciate.

I knew before I bought it, that it wasn't about performance, it was about style and comfort. :)

I hope that you find happiness buddy, there is always the one out there for you hehe :)
Thank you for your concern for my happiness.....
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