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Disappointed with Stryker

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Well I have had this bike for over a month now and had a chance to put in some long miles over the weekend. The bike looks great and turns heads but thats about it. The MPG has not been good (may improve after service). Riding over 75 mph is simply not cool due to the wind. The engine is lacking overall in the area of power and smoothness. This bike is good for cruising around town for me but I need something that can offer more. Therefore, this Stryker will be going up for sale in the near future.
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This is a chopper, the position is giving you that wind effect. If you like it smooth you can install a windshield. To make the bike run smoother with a more constant power band, install a Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner.

But your mind might be already set for another bike ...this is why there are lot of models on the market. Not everyone like the same thing.
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