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dobecks ejk controller

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Well after looking at different tuners/auto tuners I have decided to pull the trigger on the ejk tuner made by dobeck performance. They say if you mention them in a forum they'll give you a discount price which is icing on the cake as they are reasonably priced to begin with.
Also after looking at different spike filters i've decided to get one from ss custom cycles.they are the best priced ones I could find short of making your own adapter from your stock air box and using a v star spike. They have a place where you can use a discount code when you order from them but I couldn't see any way mentioned on how to get a code.
Maybe by mentioning them in a forum they'll give me a code too like dobeck does.
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Thought it was funny that I let my buddy on his vstar1100 with new spike intake -- def huge increase of power on his bike -- let him get way out there, he maxes at 108. Probably at some point when he was hitting 95/100, I was already flying by him at 120 like he wasnt moving, fun times. He maxed at 108 he said. Stock tires though for him, so I believe it to prob be about 10mph slow if I'm not mistaken. I run the 240 so I believe mine is true to odometer.

One other quick thing to note... I run 87, including the ride I posted above. I ran 93 two times because my buddy runs it in his gsxr and he offered to fill me up. Ran like ****, pop'd like ****, and mpg for ****, never again.
Same here she runs best on 87, likes Exxon fuel the best, even with the flash and PCFC.
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