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dobecks ejk controller

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Well after looking at different tuners/auto tuners I have decided to pull the trigger on the ejk tuner made by dobeck performance. They say if you mention them in a forum they'll give you a discount price which is icing on the cake as they are reasonably priced to begin with.
Also after looking at different spike filters i've decided to get one from ss custom cycles.they are the best priced ones I could find short of making your own adapter from your stock air box and using a v star spike. They have a place where you can use a discount code when you order from them but I couldn't see any way mentioned on how to get a code.
Maybe by mentioning them in a forum they'll give me a code too like dobeck does.
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I know ivans tune helps the bike out alot but I live in Canada and I could be without my ecm for up to 3 weeks ..mostly cause of custom delays.
The only reason i'm getting the ejk is cause I want an impaler spike filter and since my bike already has cobra slashdowns for exhaust it'll run too lean....pretty sure I read the flash won't cure the lean condition like the ejk does.
I thought I read on here Ivans flash will cause you too have less engine braking...I like to use engine breaking in conjunction with the brakes to aid in stopping.
And yes it'll likely go faster with the flash..but it goes plenty fast for me as is... and I love deceleration pop..was one of the main things that gave me that ear to ear grin when I first took my bike for a ride
Dobecks form is filled out and sent.thanks raul
Thanks for all that info souper. Thats all useful stuff to know. Just ordered the spike from ss custom and the ejk from ejk.....now the waiting begins
EJK installed!!! Fired her up any everything lit up like it's supposed to. .. but shut her back off cause I still haven't got the spike I ordered at the same time I ordered the EJK. Spike got held up at Canadan customs in missisauga.they likely crapped their pants cause there is oil on the filter and they thought it was drugs mmkayy . But they released it today so I should have it by four more days. Waiting on parts sucks. .should a ordered stuff last winter...
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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