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Doing the right thing....

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I rarely charge people for anything... especially when whatever it is does not cost me anything... I have given no less than 10 people the resistors to do the Mods... I always give them 10-15 of the high quality 825k 1% tolerance resistors... you only need 1...I always ask they also GIVE these resistors away to any who might want or need them...to date, I have not seen anyone as of yet offer them to anyone on this forum.... I have several left, and I will continue to give them out... It hurts me to know that people say.. "look on ebay, the have them for $$" or "go to radio shack" etc... My point is... help when help is needed... basically... give if you can!

just sayin....
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Hey mcgan. I do have the 820k. Found here in a local electronic store. But if you said the 825k is better I would like one. I want try to see the difference.
Absolutely. Didn't know you had them. Trying to send you a pm but having issues not going thru. Let me if you got it or not
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