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Downshift to first

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I've read where many of us felt like the downshift from 2nd to 1st was very rough. Several of you said this improved after the first service. Mine did not, still very rough. Any idea what your dealers did that helped this? I have found that shifting into neutral for a second helps but that's not what I want to do when trying to enter a sharp corner hard.
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Yosemite said:
Mine wont start in gear if the kickstand is down. once the kickstand is up it will start if the clutch is pulled in. Mine clunks going into first gear. I figure a clunk is normal for it. It was doing it from day one so I'm not worried about it that's why there's a warranty if it breaks.
Your bike is suppose to do that. Its a safety feature. Your bike will also shut itself off if you put the kickstand down while in gear.
Everyone has it pretty much right. Its loud on most bikes because of going through neutral. Also if your RPM's are to high while your shifting down, it will only make it worst.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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