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drilled pipes/ lean condition

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As we know most bikes are already lean, my question is, did drilling my pipes out make it dangerously lean????? Also the cobra fi system or power commander? whats the diff? which is better? how are they adjusted if i put one on and later get pipes or air intake???
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You know guys, something I have been considering is what if we to swap the fuel injectors with Raider fuel injectors? The Raider has an 1800cc engine does it not? I would imagine the injectors would deliver more fuel than ours. More fuel would obviously eliminate the potential lean condition, and for those on a budget (all of us?) it may be a good way to put off the expensive power commander type tuners. Its common in the world of auto tuning, especially the import tuners. Does anyone have any contacts in Yamaha parts that might be able to shed a little light on the fuel injectors?
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