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drilled pipes/ lean condition

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As we know most bikes are already lean, my question is, did drilling my pipes out make it dangerously lean????? Also the cobra fi system or power commander? whats the diff? which is better? how are they adjusted if i put one on and later get pipes or air intake???
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We can change pipes with out an tuner. So drilling pipes isn't an issue. I think no matter what it will run better with a tuner. Cobra makes a manual tuner and an auto. Auto does everything for you plug and ride. the manual one you have to set to how you want it to run. Power Commander makes both too. there manual one you need to dyno your bike and create a map for it. the auto one from my understanding is pretty much the same as the cobra but you have to buy the standard power commander then add the auto tune to it.
The fuel injectors will supply a lot more fuel than our engine would need which would require a custom program on any tuner you put on it. if you put it with the stock ecu it would probably not even start and if it did start it wouldn't run good or for long till if fouled plugs. and I doubt the map on the stock ecu could shorten the fuel injector pulse width enough to make it run. Same thing on the cobra. There designed around the stock ecu/fuel injectors. If you had some serious mods (turbo, Big Bore Kit) and a power commander with a custom map then you could talk about going to bigger injectors. I think since you can program the map in the power commander you could achieve a short enough pulse width on the fuel injector to get it to run. Your going to dumb some serious coin on injectors at 130 each and a lot of dyno time to program the power commander since the guy your going to have to pay to tune the map will have to get it to run first. I know on my brothers truck I put a supercharger on and bigger injectors I ran into the no starting issues at first and he had to pay the dyno guy 1000 for the programming and dyno time. But there's no need for a bigger injector until we reach the limit of what ares will do. At this time exhaust, intake will not over do our injectors. and I don't think we will over do our injectors until we see a turbo kit. So to sum it up fuel injectors figure around 1500 to make it run. Auto tune programmer 450-550. Standard tuner 250.
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