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Drillled Exhaust Question

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I bought a drilled exhaust from one of our members with the 4 half inch holes. Is that the optimal amount of holes, or drilling additional holes make them louder or deeper in sound? I have heard that some have 6 and even 8 holes. I wouldn't want to drill more if there is no benefit.
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i used a hole saw that just fit the inside of the pipe and drilled it out then used as fill to smooth the edges out and its just as loud as my brothers harly
yea that's the way it is around my shop all the time after buying new tools bcuz you cant find it someone always comes up and says O i used this just forgot to give it back . you know if you wanted to take it a step farther you could use a hacksaw blade to remove the baffle once you get the ends gut out but that takes a little bit of time cutting it by hand just have to saw it long ways on top and bottom they use pliers to pull the sleeve and fiberglass out they go buy a can of flat black high temp spray pant to pant the inside of the pipe to help keep it from rusting
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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