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Drillled Exhaust Question

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I bought a drilled exhaust from one of our members with the 4 half inch holes. Is that the optimal amount of holes, or drilling additional holes make them louder or deeper in sound? I have heard that some have 6 and even 8 holes. I wouldn't want to drill more if there is no benefit.
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Toby said:
I only did a half inch hole in the center. I started with two 1/2 in hole in each then did 4 then 6 then the center + 2more for a total of 9 in each. Each step increased the loudness and tone a little each time.
Good lord Toby. Should have just removed the extra splinter that you had left so that you don't cut your hand on it.
J/K Toby. Yeah It looks better than your description. lol
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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