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Drillled Exhaust Question

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I bought a drilled exhaust from one of our members with the 4 half inch holes. Is that the optimal amount of holes, or drilling additional holes make them louder or deeper in sound? I have heard that some have 6 and even 8 holes. I wouldn't want to drill more if there is no benefit.
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I did that mod on my V Star 950 and have the Hole Saw and Extension. I will check it out.
Just my luck, I can't find my Hole Saw Extension. Drives me crazy when I look where it is supposed to be and it isn't there. I've looked all over my garage. Guess I will go buy another one tomorrow, and my other will turn up. :mad:
No, I don't want to gut it, just drill out the inner baffle. I'll Get R Done tomorrow.
Okay. I picked up a new 1" Bi Metal Hole Saw and 12" Extension from Home Depot. Placed inside the 1" opening on each tail pipe until I felt it hit the Baffle Plate, it was a snug fit. A few minutes later they were drilled through. Just like the Exhaust Mod I did on my V Star 950. It added more volume and a deeper tone. For my liking, it is just enough without being too loud. It's enough to let the Cagers know you are near. I thought of buying the Cobra Slip On, but not anymore. I'm very pleased with the 4 half inch holes on the outer edge and the baffle plate drilled out. I recommend this mod for those who can't or do not want to drop big bucks on better sounding pipes. ;D
Thanks Toby. Believe it or not I like the look of the stock exhaust, so I should be good for a while. I do like the Chrome, but the Raven Exhaust does give it a unique look.
I believe I will run the Raven Exhaust for a while. Maybe later I will Mod the Chrome set and put them on. That will give me options. It doesn't take but a few minutes to to swap them out.
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