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Dyno Day At Tejas Motorsports On May 3rd, 2014

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Here is another great opportunity that is presented to us from the Roadstar Raider Forum. Please read below and let me know if you are interested. Space is limited so don't wait.


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Special Event: DYNO DAY AT Tejas Motorsports on May 3rd !!!!!

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so, about a week before the LSRR, I had called Brent to coordinate a Dyno Day at his facility...

he gave me the bad news that he was no longer working there, so he pointed me in the right direction...

got a hold of Bob at Tejas, who is super excited that I requested to coordinate a Dyno Day at Tejas...

I just received conformation that the Dyno Day will be held at Tejas Motorsports on May 3rd from 9AM until the last bike is complete.

I wanted to keep this "Raider Only", but I can accommodate about 3 or 4 Strykers on that day (Raul, this is for you and your buddies


here's the deal: (2) pulls that will measure HP/TQ/AFR for $50 - this will cover the cost of the pulls and lunch at Tejas that will be catered by Subway

there will be a limit of 20 bikes dynoing and there will be NO CUSTOM TUNING on that day. if you feel as if you need a custom tune, please coordinate with the dyno operator to come back on a different day

please post in this thread if you want to participate - screen name, first name, year of your bike and mods.

reason why I'm doing this is to fully be able to compare dyno numbers across the board so we all have an idea of what kind of mods will do what, and if that person believes he needs a custom map...

it's also a good tool to be able to post in all of these different "dyno threads" that constantly pop up around the forums....

since Houston is so big and we are spread out all over the city, I will not set up a meeting spot (eventhough I'd love to) - please be at Tejas @ 8:30am to give bikes enough time for cool down.....

if you want to ride with someone, please send a PM to anyone you know who lives close by

you do not have to Dyno to come hang out - I'm sure we can get 25-35 bikes at Tejas for a Dyno Day, but only 20 will be able to dyno...

first come, first serve on the dyno:

1. Litos (Carlos 2009 Raider with LA Chopper, PCII and K&N Filter)
2. SCL#484 (Andy 2012 Raider with FSD exhaust, PCV and BAM with K&N)

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Don't waste your time or money! 2 pulls to tell you what you already know?? ?? ?? give my your $50 and I will tell you over the phone after you pull your throttle back twice......

HEHEHEHAAHAHAHA... I need a drink!

Seriously guys, if you want a custom map you need a PC5 or something comparable to write a map to. You have to have good clearance to get a good reading. I had to drill a 1/8 hole on my cobra swept pipes to get the dyno rod in far enough for good reading.... This should be taken seriously or your just throwing your money away. Pm me and I will give you an account number so that you can wire me some money....I will tell you anything you want to hear.

FYI, my dyno took almost 2 hours and cost me about $300
My dyno tuner told me to plan on 4 hours to build the tune and he is charging me $350. He charged $65 for just 3 dyno runs and readouts.

Thanks Kevin, I rest my case.... hey Kev go to my profile, I have some pice where i drilled a whole in my baffles to get a better reading.
Bump. Is anybody interested?

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Go get it done if its free! I guess everyone needs to know if they are running lean.

Lean is bad right?

Rich is ok?
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