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Exhaust Acorn Nuts

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I am just wondering how often you have to tighten these nuts or any other bolts/nuts for that matter?

Does anyone put loctite on these?

When I went to remove the stock exhaust I could turn two of the bolts off by hand.
I was surprised that I didn't notice any issues with them being that loose.

I now put 200 miles onto my new cobra exhaust and went to check them and 3 out of the 4 were loose.

I did tighten them to the correct torque spec when installed.

I don't remember having to tighten bolts that often in the past.

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When you snug say the bottom nut, then tighten the top, when you loosen the bottom, the top may be a little loose. Try going in increments of tens till you get to torque spec. Then go back and retourque after riding couple hundred miles.
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