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Exhaust Flanges

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2 questions:

1) Are exhaust flanges pretty much universal? I found these but they don't have any model or fitment specs listed.


2) Does anyone have a damaged stock exhaust sitting around that they are willing to cut the first couple inches off and send me? That way I would know for sure it would work... I would pay shipping plus a little extra.
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SmokenJOE said:
I have a complete set of exhaust header pipes off my VTX1800. I could cut them or you can have them whole if you want. I'm in Racine so not far away. Let me know.
Would they mount right up to the stryker? I'd prefer to be able to just do some welding... I don't really have any access to machine tools.
SmokenJOE said:
They might bolt up, but the pipes won't be right. I'll measure the bolt pattern and let you know.

Measured and the Honda flanges have a smaller distance between flange bolts. Sorry they wont work Bro.
No problem... Thanks for checking though.
If I actually do build something, it will look about like this. I haven't actually pulled the trigger on any of it yet. I'd like to build it with 2 or 2.5 inch o.d. and just weld the the first couple inches off of a stock exhaust to the inside of the new pipes. I figure it will pretty much look the same as the stock pipes with heat shields over them. I guess I don't really have much of it figured out yet...


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Straightjacket said:
If you did build it that way the stock section of pipe would give it a little back pressure. But if you use pipe that big, when you wrap it or put heat shields on it will look HUGE! Just something to think about?
If you look at what I have now, it's the stock headers (1.5"od) wrapped and I think it looks way too skinny...


And I plan on putting some sort of baffle in it to help with the back pressure... I also think it would be way too loud with out one. I will make it removable though incase I ever want it that loud ;)
Well, I think I have it all figured out.

One of each of these:

And a couple of these: (I'll actually probably just get them at autozone)

Now all I need is the stock exhaust flanges... and my tax returns.
I am actually taking on the same thing you are doing! Dam...lol.. I have been wondering though if the rear cylinder pipe is that short, is it not going to have enough back pressure even with the small baffle in it like you are planning on using? I am pretty much doing the SAME thing you are..LOL
I plan on Ceramic Coating it in Black though instead of wrapping it and 2.25 in is definitely the size to use!!
Good to hear! I probably wont actually be able to get to mine until the snow melts...:frown: My bike is burried in the back of my friends garage.

I look forward to seeing how yours turns out though :thumb:
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