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Exhaust systems

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I am about to go pick up my bike next week and i have a question about exhaust systems. Which one sounds better in your opinion? Cobra Tri-Pro 2 into 1 Or VH Twin Slash Staggered Black . I selected these two because i am trying to maintain the blacked out look.

Looking to get better performance from stock, and also get a deep rumble.
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can't speak for either of the systems you picked but I know I love my cobra swepts.
immortal13 said:
If v&h offered this exhaust for the Stryker I would've bought this one.


me too! I was drooling over those on my buddies raider. But sadly V&H doesn't offer them for us. I even called them and they said they had no plans to to make a stryker version.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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