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Extended Warranty

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yea i know its 6 months away for me.. but i just got my notice for extending the warranty for my bike. just curious if anyone has done this or intending to or passing. i guess i could have done a poll. but basically a year is $118 in 4 payments itself. its not bad if it spreadit out with my bike payment.. which would be like 32 dollars.. but now its a lump in one month.

what do you think.. or plan to do.. or advise?
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My good mechanic friend shed some light on this factory extended warranty subject the other day while he was doing my 4k service at his independent shop. He told me that there’s nothing wrong with getting the Yamaha Y.E.S. service program if it makes you feel more comfortable. That being said…in his many years of experience with modern Yamaha motorcycles he’s noticed a theme. The rare failures he’s seen occur during or after the one year factory warranty period often times have a factory recall associated with them so you don’t have to pay for the repairs anyhow. Just some food for thought.
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