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Few issues, all in one thread (height, reach issues)

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I love my Stryker, but size wise it is a little big for me... so now I want to try to make it as good as possible for me!

So my first issue was the vance and hines, but I bought Cobra swepts to address that!

Now I have a lowering question.... even though I put on a 240 avon... I do not comfortably touch the ground on my bike... I am usually on the front balls of my feet. If I got a lowering kit, I would assume the 1.5-2" difference would get me flat footed and more comfortable? What is the most affordable/easiest install currently?

The handle bars are not horrible, but I do have to lean forward to reach them... and I am almost straight armed... if they were a few inches closer, I could sit back and cruise... any options currently (ape etc)?

Once I have the swepts on, I think my legs will be much more comfortable... but again, my legs are probably a little stretched out more then they should be... is there a way to bring the brake/shifter back a little?

Thanks in advance :)
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Getting a new seat with a back rest support will bring you forward. This will prevent you from stretching for your bars and pegs. There are some on this site that said when they bought thier new seats, they were moved forward. Can't remember what brand they were.

What are you, 4 foot nothing?;) The Stryker is one of the lowest seating bikes out there.
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