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Few questions about first service and basic repair

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Hey all
Got about 450 on the bike and am starting to look into the first service. My dealer wants 198 but if I can't get him down to 100....ill do myself. Ill be doing all maintenace myself after this til 16k anyways. Btw I have 5 yr warranty cuz this is my first bike and it felt like something I should get....piece of mind really.
So if I do myself....just follow checklist from owners manual? Seems pretty easy xcept belt check.
How do u guys lift bike if no motorcycle jack?
Also....what type oil and filter? Brand and weight and filter # if u could please. Can i just get at auto parts store or do i need to use yamaha fluids etc....warrantywise? Do I need small filter wrench or will small car one work?
Thnx....I know these are very basic questions but as stated....this is my first bike.
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FYI: WARNING! - Tried to download the srvc manual from the Megafire website shown in various postings including above posting & apparently it has been infected w/a Trojan virus & before I knew what was happening it downloaded 6 infections onto my computer & am now trying to clean & remove all of them! Don't ignore any virus warning do not open this download!!
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