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FI2000o2 Cobra setup help needed

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My Son bought a Cobra FI2000o2 Tuner for his 2011 Stryker. He has Vance & Hines Big Radius 2 into 2 pipes and Homemade BAC. Can anyone help us with where they have there 3 microswitches set with a like setup of exhaust and BAC. Thanks in advance for any help with this.:nod:
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Thanks Joe! His came 9oclock, 12 and 12. We will try that for now and keep your help in mind if we need to adjust. Thanks again for the reply!!
I got pretty much the same setup but with cobra pipes. Once I get home ill look and see what I have mine set on. I left it on the stock settings when I first installed but had to tweak it slightly when I did the "$57" mod.
Hey K9, I would appreciate that! Thanks. Also Son is happy he will finally be able to use that mod he initiated. Take care.
Thanks K9! That is where he is at now. Just gotta wait for Spring to get it out and try it out.
try Ivans...he's the one that will flash your ecm for you...he just did my wife's ( by the way this, is her page...I'm in the raider forum) and she has the same cobra tuner and he can tell you the best place to set the three dials
Done and Done 4 months ago. We both have the ECU flash and Ivan gave us the settings for his tuner.
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