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Finally got to get out and ride!

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Been waiting 3 weeks for a some decent weather and finally got it this weekend. My buddy and I took a ride up to Lynchburg TN, home of Jack Daniel's distillery. Its bout an hour away and has some decent back roads. The Stryker really impressed me. Handles really well. I was kinda worried with it being so much longer than the M50 is was riding. When we got to Lynchburg there were a ton of bikes there, mostly Harleys. The Stryker and my buddy's Honda Fury got a lot of looks. Its funny to hear how suprised people are to find out they are Japanese bikes. LOL Cant wait for the Spring rally in Panama City Beach!
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I've been to Lynchburg also twice before. Last time was in 2004 at the BBQ in October. In a rental car though, Not a Bike. LOL Beautiful place to ride and live also!
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