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First Long(ish) Ride on the Stryker

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So I did my first "touring" stint on the Stryker. I rode up to Duluth, MN to meet up with my parents and their friends (from North Dakota). We then rode up the North Shore a little ways on 61, then hopped on Hwy 1 over to Ely, MN. Ended up being about 620 miles round trip. Great weather, outstanding scenery, and excellent roads (although, any Minnesotans should know that there is construction on Hwy 1 that created a 23 mile detour - 11 miles of which is a gravel fire road and cuts out the best 20 miles of Hwy 1).

Couple notes:

  • [li]I average 46-48 mpg - I only get about 38 mpg in my usual commuting but I love to ride hard[/li]
    [li]The bike gets a bit of vibration over an indicated 80 mph (which I think is closer to 75 mph actual)[/li]
    [li]A windshield would be nice for freeway speeds, but at an indicated 60 mph through the forest roads I don't think it is necessary (I wear a full face helmet)[/li]
    [li]The o-ring throttle lock/"cruise assist" is outstanding[/li]
    [li]The seat is not the worst stock seat I've ever sat on, but if I planned to road trip regularly, I think I'd be looking for something a bit more plush[/li]

I know this has come up in a number of other threads on longer rides, but are there any more thoughts from others out there?

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MjolnirScot5953 said:
Darque_Bike636 said:
MjolnirScot5953 said:
I'm noticing the vibration around 80 as well, although I want to speculate that it's partially wind speed...
The only thing is that I noticed a lot of the vibration in my foot pegs - seems weird that wind would effect that at all.
Touché. Now that I think about it, yea, it was mostly in the footpegs... Now I'm just not sure anymore, lol.
Here is my thoughts, when you are fighting the wind you are more tense and you will feel everything more and your engine is actually working harder to maintain the same speed against the wind.
StrykenShane said:
I couldn't agree more Toby, I had none of this vibration on our ride to Vegas, almost 2400 miles, until the last 100 miles riding in 30 mph crosswinds, I think I felt every inch of pavement in every joint and bone in my body that last 100 miles but I did it on the stock seat and my ass felt fine
Ya I love the sock seat. It's almost too comfee to me.
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